Mixed Media: Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode is a multimedia artist interested in processes of deconstruction and the abstraction of banal paraphernalia. Using material representations to explore social and cultural structures, she investigates the relationship between man and object, the contemporary and the historical, with a playful anthropological bent.…
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Mixed Media: Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson‘s series Photo Sculptures (2003-2011) are a three-dimensional synthesis of C-Print photography and additional structural elements including cement, cheesecloth, plywood, compound and rubber, among other things.…
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Mixed Media: Eftihis Patsourakis

In the series Skeletons (2007) Eftihis Patsourakis manipulates found passport photos, effacing the human presence to abstract and reframe the figurative. Born 1967 in Crete, Patsourakis currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.…
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