Contemporary Dialogues: Gil Blank

Gil Blank is a photographer and writer. His photographs have been exhibited at PS1 Contemporary Art Center and White Columns, New York; The Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver; Ville d’Images, Vevey, Switzerland; Lawrimore Project, Seattle; and LaMontagne Gallery, Boston.…
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A Telephone Conversation With Mike Mandel

On April 15th, 2008, I called up Mike Mandel and spoke with him about his career in photography and public art. The following interview was transcribed from this conversation.…
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Contemporary Dialogues: Torbjørn Rødland

Norwegian artist Torbjørn Rødland has been described as “to photography what the Pet Shop Boys are to pop music.” His contemporary, Gil Blank, once described his photographs as “blatantly retarded in a consciously agile way.” For fifteen years, Rødland has been making work that baffles, finding something in common between nudists, priests, Nordic landscapes and curious still lifes of food, such as one of George W.…
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Contemporary Dialogues: Matthew Monteith

Brooklyn-based photographer Matthew Monteith graduated from the MFA program at Yale in 2004 and has since released a book of photographs from the Czech Republic entitled Czech Eden (Aperture, 2007), one of my favorite monographs from last year.…
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Contemporary Dialogues: Michael Schmelling

Recently, I spoke with New York based photographer Michael Schmelling about the curious stories behind two of his most recent projects and about his relationship with photography in general, including how he came to it in the first place.…
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