Be Good
Cross Record
12″ LP, 150 gram white vinyl, with poster insert and digital download card
Jacket photograph by Shane Lavalette
Released September 2012
Edition of 300

* Digital download available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, and more!

Weaving in and out of melody and discord, Cross Record’s first full-length LP Be Good leaves the listener trembling. A myriad of sounds — strings, clarinet, flute, steel drum, bells, tape distortion, and other instrumentation — support Emily Cross’ enchanting vocals, which are so captivating that the silences are like black holes. Her raw, unadorned sound, perhaps most akin to young Cat Power or Jana Hunter, is a breath of fresh air. Like her music, Cross’ lyrics are striking in their simplicity, conjuring a dark beauty that is delicately realized by a musician beyond her years.


1. Watching Something Nice
2. Little Orange
3. Cups in the Sink
4. Maybe I’m Crazy
5. Dirt Nap
6. Skins of Fishes
7. Hungry, Thirsty
8. Not Quite White Light
9. Be Good

Music Video for “Maybe I’m Crazy”

Music Video for “Cups in the Sink”