Mixed Media: Matthew Brandt

Los Angeles based artist Matthew Brandt produces contextual works that employ a process-based approach, in which the output often includes physical elements of the subject itself.…
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Mixed Media: Maurizio Anzeri

Italian-born artist Maurizio Anzeri reconstructs found vintage photographs by embroidering abstract designs directly onto the images. The sewing threads, often selected for their slight sheen or glimmer, contrast with the smokey portrait photographs.…
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Mixed Media: Emilie Halpern

Emilie Halpern is a sculptor and photographer who was born in Paris, and now based in Los Angeles, CA. The following works are assemblages made from found objects and found images, with reference to film stills and photography books.…
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Mixed Media: Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode is a multimedia artist interested in processes of deconstruction and the abstraction of banal paraphernalia. Using material representations to explore social and cultural structures, she investigates the relationship between man and object, the contemporary and the historical, with a playful anthropological bent.…
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Mixed Media: Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson‘s series Photo Sculptures (2003-2011) are a three-dimensional synthesis of C-Print photography and additional structural elements including cement, cheesecloth, plywood, compound and rubber, among other things.…
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