If the Supply of Lambs Hold Out: Simen Johan’s Until the Kingdom Comes

Coinciding with his 2013 exhibition of the same name, a book was released of Simen Johan’s work, Until the Kingdom Comes. The 12.5×15.5” book contains twenty-eight photographs spread over sixty-four pages.…
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Century of Ink: In Praise of Mechanical Book Design

Throughout the twentieth century, the production of books required an entire team of skilled laborers. These laborers learned their trade through long apprenticeships and hands-on application.…
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F* That: Photography and the Ineffable

There isn’t really a visual equivalent for ineffable, at least not one that holds the ineffable’s relationship to the transcendent as well as to the inexpressible.…
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One Credo After Another

The White Log and The Stump, 2012 © Tim Davis There is one thing that separates us from animals. I know we have opposable thumbs and stock markets and hybrid SUVs.…
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